Why Armanet

We built Armanet – a dedicated programmatic ad-tech stack uniquely tailored for the significant yet underserved firearms industry.

Our Mission

The withdrawal of giants like Google and Facebook from the firearms and 2A advertising space opened a door. Our mission was clear from the start: to fill the void left by these platforms and provide a robust, efficient advertising solution for the 2A space.

We aimed to level the playing field, giving firearms brands the same advanced advertising opportunities as other industries. Our goal is not just about profit; it’s about restoring balance and ensuring fair representation in the digital advertising arena.

Technology to the rescue

When advertisers complain about reach and publishers complain about unsold inventory, the problem is in the infrastructural tech, not the economics.

59% of Advertisers reported dissatisfaction with current online ad-spend ROI
63% of Publishers report unsold inventory and less than optimal revenue from online ads
95% retention rate for advertisers